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What is Abacus?

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What is Abacus?

Abacus is an ancient calculating device having its roots in Asia since ages. 

Abacus in today's time is made of wood, metal or plastic rectangular frame with freely sliding 5 beads over vertical rods. These beads are parted by a at-least one fixed horizontal bar where 1 bead over the vertical bar is placed above the fixed horizontal bar and the remaining 4 beads below the fixed horizontal bar.

The beads above the fixed horizontal bar represent number 5 whereas other each of the 4 beads below represent number 1.

Any bead which moves towards the fixed horizontal bar gains value and when it moves away from the fixed horizontal bar losses value, which can be interpreted as 1 bead below the fixed horizontal bar moving towards the fixed horizontal bar means +1 on abacus and 4 beads below the fixed horizontal bar moving towards the fixed horizontal bar means +4 and so as the case with 1 bead above the fixed horizontal bar moving towards the fixed horizontal bar means +5.moving away from the fixed horizontal bar is -1, -4 or -5 as the number of beads may be.

Vertical rods on Abacus are used to represent the place value of number. If the centre rod of Abacus is place of One's or Unit, the immediate next rod to the left is the place of Ten's and the immediate nest rod to the left of Ten's is Hundred's and so on and so forth for thousand, 100 Thousand, Million's etc.

Learning the skills to operate Abacus can easily enable a person to perform Arithmetic Operations of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, Cube Roots etc. with ease after practicing the methods. In the today’s time children love learning this tool and through guided Abacus Training they even can imagine abacus in their photographic mental ability to perform rigid calculations even faster than anyone attempting it on a calculators or computer.

This ancient tool of calculation has now become a Supplementary Education to strengthen children's skills for Fast and Accurate Math ability with enhancing and polishing the brain functions like Concentration, Focus, Listening, Analysing, Comprehending, Imagination, Retention, Memory, Perseverance, Creative Intelligence etc. so the modern definition of abacus is changed to, ' A math tool for brain exercise"

Abacus Math is method, which allows delivering the popular modern benefits of Abacus learning in structured way. Abacus Math is systematic skill development course for kids to learn to operate Abacus for calculations and gradual development of mental arithmetic skills by imaging abacus in one’s mind. Abacus Math is an effective but slow learning course. It is important to ensure to keep the interest of kids intact in the course. So for the reasons a good Abacus Math Course is developed as a step by step progressive course which focuses initially on developing finger techniques of operating Abacus followed by methods of Addition & Subtraction with a mix of introducing new methods of calculations like Multiplication, Division, Percentages at such a right time that interest of kids learning the operation is maintained in a balanced way, that they stick to the course for completion.



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Learning abacus makes you understand the concept of numbers and improves your mental arithmetic skills and basic arithmetic ability in a short period of time. Basically, math is limited to the area of the left brain responsible for logic languages. However, abacus arithmetic stimulates the visual, auditory and tactile without exception and actively helps the development of the right brain responsible for the artistic and sensory abilities as well as the left brain.

If you learn an abacus calculation, 9 things to be improved

​Calculation ability - Learning an abacus is a basic learning that goes into an outstanding math prodigy with excellent calculation ability
Concentration - It is very good learning methods to kids who lack of concentration and have no motivation
Patience-Very good habit in all learning and behavioral development
Positiveness -Different ages and schools can be the friends and always responsible students
Brain development - Brain develops while you enjoy brain development
Agility -Since learning the abacus moving your fingers, you have agility.
Arithmetic operation, mental arithmetic - You know the correct answers in mathematics without calculator 
Good posture -Since learning with correct posture, the correct posture is also strong, durable body and mental health
Number sense - Because you have excellent sense in number, you will show a remarkable ability in mathematics and life calculations.

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