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Possible to learn abacus calculation in 2 months at home!

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The trend is to learn abacus calculation in elementary school these days.
Isn't it incredible?
It is related to the main subjects, mathematics so probably it will not go away forever.
If you study only 2 months with online lectures at home,
I can do my own child's education and also can work as an abacus teacher!
If you learn abacus calculation, you can increase the speed 
and accuracy of the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
Common in children who have gifted of calculations
on TV learned the abacus mental arithmetic.
We can't solve difficult math problem such as equation
 or function with the abacus but the speed of four fundamental
 arithmetic operations is fast and accurate so it will be
 tremendous position of strength in the secondary school
 mathematics and in the higher mathematics.
Later it also is related to math SAT scores!
Abacus calculation seems rather difficult 
but it is not like complex functions or equations.
It's just four fundamental arithmetic operations so it's easy.
If we tell you how to use the abacus and the basic principle of mental arithmetic,
the elementary school children can do it by themselves.
You just have to see if the kids are right.
Even if you don't have good math skills, you can work as an abacus instructor.
Nowadays the abacus institute is almost gone and even though 
there is the abacus institute, it is a place where children can learn. 
So even if mother wants to learn it, there is not enough place to learn.
There is an online course that you can learn 
from home within 2 months and I would like to introduce.
You can also learn how to use the abacus and calculate the problems from 1 to 100.
When teaching children, you must explain them in some way and focus on certain areas. You can learn more about how to deal with it and child guidance method.


As a teacher who teaches children the abacus calculation at school after finishing the online training, you can earn money while working.
You can work as an abacus instructor in the abacus institute
or you can even establish a private institute yourself.
Click the picture below.
Please apply free consultation&sample lecture.
Secret of the magical abacus calculation will be revealed in detail.

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